M.Sc, MA


Weekly Report #10 - Contemplating on the future & past

Approximately one month of work left. Looking at the workplan things look good, but I feel that some explaining and contemplating has to be done on what has been accomplished and what remains to be done.


All the things due by today in the workplan have been completed. As things started progressing quite fast, I've also implemented multiple extra additions to the core (i18n-support, Behavior-classes, children properties, etc.) and written a few real desklets that require a bit of tweaking (beagle searcher "Baskerville", RSS reader "RSSboy" and audio player "Boombox").

Since Ashwin took responsibility of the GUI frontend, I've been focusing more and more on the core and on the controls that the GUI will need. We've discussed deadlines with Ashwin and try to get DD ready in August.

To Do

  • Complete the Baskerville and RSSboy desklets (this week)
  • Close the conversation (here and here) over the control metadata and start working on control installation through DD (loading of controls still not possible in 040 through). Probably next week.
  • Finish the Desklet control so that Ashwin can use it and DD works properly.
  • Write a idea page for the desklet editor and start thinking about implementation (this has a low priority. I'll do this if there isn't anything I can do to speed up the release of 0.40). Due end of month.

And during the weekend I completed an early version of the Launcher control mentioned before.