M.Sc, MA


XGL is amazing...

I had to install Ubuntu Dapper to get my hands on gstreamer 0.10. A friend of mine had success with XGL/Compiz with ATI and I decided to give it a try since it's so easy with Dapper. I have to say it is incredible. Thanks to David Reveman and all the other giants for making this possible!!

It made my desktop quicker, prettier and more easy to use (expose effects, etc.). Here's a screenie for explanation. The effect in question is the switching of workspaces. Soundgarden is playing between. Click on it to get a bigger view.

Although it's still alpha software, it works nicely. A few complaints still: windows from all workspaces show up in alt-tab-switcher and getting video to work required some tweaking. This tweaking resulted in the problem that window-decoration-cross won't close mplayer (have to press q). These are minor issues. On the whole I have to say this is the best thing I've seen on Linux in a long time! At last my desktop does not pale in comparison to Mac OS X (not to mention windows :) ).