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ok. so. update. i was accepted to study at the university iberoamericana in mexico city next autumn. i’m signed in as a graphical design student even though my “application” mentioned interest areas as industrial and spacial design.. doesn’t really matter - i guess i can move rather freely between departments.

the bigger issue is the need to learn spanish in advance. i was planning on taking a course in spain during the summer, but many people directed me to a more better approach of taking a course before the school starts in mexico city, so now i’m hunting for a course there. at least i’ll save the airline tickets and won’t pollute, but i would’ve wanted to visit spain as well.. some day..

in addition to this i needed to buy myself a laptop since the macbook pro i’m now using is from my work. so i got myself a eee 1000he.

only comes with XP, so the first things after i got the wireless up was a visit to and then the new 9.04 netmix runs really nicely here.

the size, keyboard and battery life are really nice. flash is such a resource hog that some more highres flash sites are slow. otherwise all seems ok. the price is less than 400e so i don’t have to be extra careful with it either (good thing in mexico city..).

the idea to buy this i got after our lovely visit to berlin with aino. almost bought a samsung x360 instead, but then came to my senses.. macs are good too, but something is driving me away from them.. maybe it’s the fact that i have deal with them everyday in work/school. anyway berlin was excellent. i’ll have to write a post on it once i have time to implement map embedding in this blog..