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Méxican Quisine - Setting Some Things Straight

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After around three weeks here, I feel confident to say that all the food I’ve had in Finland under the adjective “Mexican” is a lie. I knew it wasn’t correct, but had no idea it would be this far off..

First I want to introduce the most important food for me so far: tacos. Especially Tacos al pastor, which could somehow be described as a delicious kebab (real - Turkish, not Finnish) meets Mexican spices and other ingredients, such as Tortillas. Normally you savour them with a selection of different salsas, lime, etc.

Then a few quick fixes:

  • the tortillas we have in Finland (and presumably the rest of the Western World) are arab tortillas Locals here are not as big, but there are arab versions available if you want (this also explains why they are common in the east).
  • fajitas are a joke.. original meaning here is the pieces of meat that don’t get used. Not a food here.
  • burritos are not Mexican. Invented in the U.S. (perhaps by Mexican immigrates).
  • quesadillas do exist. They are tortillas filled with cheese and other ingredients.
  • nachos also exits, but I haven’t yet encountered nacho plates that they serve in “Mexican” restaurants outside MX.

Of course México is a huge country (compare to central Europe) and I haven’t been outside D.F. yet. I might have more complaining to do once I’ve visited other places as well :)