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Updates from México [updated x 2]

méxico studies

Took a turibus to see the city, got a few museums on my todo-list, ate in an expensive restaurant (was 12e with a drink), learned more spanish, started coding with clutter to do a project of sorts, etc.

just bought a movie ticket for a movie I don’t know in english and can’t remember the spanish name anymore :). It’ll be spoken in english with spanish subtitles, so it won’t be that stressful. Was $49 - expensive for locals, 1/3 the price in Finland (which is also expensive for locals).

Also bough a cafe mocha-frappe-ice-with-cream-on-the-top-“coffee”. Was $48…

the movie was “persecución inminente” (crossing over) and i’d give it an eight out of ten (i.e quite good). the theaters here don’t have marked seats so you can just pick one. in my five’o’clock show there were about five people, so there’s plenty of room..

last night was my first tacos al pastor -experience. served as a nice, more light replacement for “kännipitsa” after a night out with the frida compañeros. now suffering the aftereffects of a small hangover combined with the ~2400m altitude.