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Guadalajara + Tequila

méxico travel

Last weekend we took a quick trip to the second (or third?) largest city in Mexico: Guadalajara. Very nice. Much easier for the passing tourist than D.F. as the city centre area is walkable and easily navigable (although my impeccable sense of direction led us astray once). Missed the Orozco murals which pains me. Perhaps I’ll return one day.

Also we took a day tour to Tequila - an area famous for guess what.. it was wild (hostel provided the tour, so only youngsters), fun and educative! We visited three distilleries, the village of Tequila, fields of Blue Agave and got to experience and learn the process first hand. Of course we also tasted a Lot of different tequila - all 100% agave of course. Even the silver variety beats pretty much anything I’ve found in Finland.. not to mention the añejo or even extra añejo, of which I have one bottle awaiting my upcoming guests.

That was a week ago and I’m still feeling the consequences. This week has been spent mostly indoors. Working on stuff for uni. All the deadlines are now approaching fast.. fortunately I’m almost done with all the work now. Should perhaps focus on more important things like WELP..