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Hong Kong

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My first trip to HK is now over and I have to admit that the four days I spent there have left a positive feeling about the metropolis: prices are cheap, people are nice, there’s a lot to see and moving about is easy.

Stayed at Chung King mansions, a block full of hostels in Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon). Stay was cheap, with a night in a four bed dorm w/ shower costing 90 HK$ (~7e). Also got the chance to talk spanish with Oscar, an Argentine football star who played for his country against other youngsters and met a South Korean girl who is applying for the same school as I am (TAIK)… small world, eh?

Head to Wan Chai or NE Kowloon for electronics, Tsim Sha Tsui for lodging or museums and the Peak to get a nice view over the central part of the SAR.

Luckily I get to go to HK again on my way back. Maybe I’ll have time to see the world’s largest sitting Buddha.