M.Sc, MA


Traveling in south South America


Last three weeks were spent in Peru. Landed in Lima, continued to Huacachina to live on a desert oasis (sandboarding, dune buggy riding, etc.), proceeded to Cusco, where we spent 13 nights due to a need to wait for a trek from our chosen agency Lamapath.

Aino got a combination of different illnesses including salmonella which forced her to drop the trip, while I participated (no refunds, no other good dates).

When we finally got out of Cusco we headed out to lake Titicaca and visited the floating islands, stayed in a local family on an island, saw Puno and crossed the border to Copacabana. On the bus ride to the border we remembered that we left our money belts in the Puno hostel.. thankfully after some arranging with our bus company rep, we evaded the need to return to Peru and got the stuff via the company. The hostel didn’t make it easy though as their phone was occupied 24/7, hence I do not recommend Qorikancha in Puno.

Now we’re in La Paz and finally in front of a computer that has something better than internet explorer (which won’t work with this blog). From here to the Jungle I guess.

And as an extra note, we missed the current crisis situation in Machu Picchu by a few days. The river did look quite scary already at that time. Aguas Calientes is a nice little place, but I wouldn’t want to be stuck there…