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Latvia is strange..

Ok. So my summer 2006 trip so far: Tampere -> Wien (by plane through Frankfurt and Zurich) -> Klagenfurt (train). In Klagenfurt we went to see Riitta and Stefan and after that continued to Germany to see Hannu and Senni. Had fun, drank beer, went to Rock-im-Park.

Then I continued to Latvia. Aino went to Finland. I spent one night alone here (actually not that alone, met Scottish people and a few soldiers from U.S, stationed in Germany) before Tuomas arrived. Now he's here and we've been around town with Irina, our lovely guide Tuomas contacted through hospitality club. She was great: showed us all the sights and had the energy to direct us to the best bars (also thanks to Sofie, who also enlightened me on Riga history).

Once we got back to the hostel I got some bad news: the american soldiers got their wallets stolen last night in a night club (Essential) we we're hanging out at (thank god we left earlier). That wasn't the worse: some guy got drugged in the club and mugged/robbed afterwards :-(.

Tomorrow we're heading towards the awesome Palace of Science and Museum of Occupation. Irina promised to show us around Jurmala if we have the energy after wandering the whole day.