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Spent a few days in Phnom Pehn. The city was ok, but a few days is enough. One for the National Museum and the Royal Palace and one for the horrors of Khmer Rouge. The amount of air pollution and noise started to get to us and we wanted a break from it all.

And so yesterday we arrived to Sihanoukville - Costa del Sol of Cambodia.. not really. Can’t really compare them, but it’s a beach resort anyway. Makes me really appreciate the beautiful beaches of Montezuma and Samara in Costa Rica. The ones here are relatively crowded (at least on weekends), dirty and full of beggars.

We were both ready to quit already today and move forward but then we decided to hire a boat to take us to a secluded beach. We first went to snorkle a bit around some nice corals and then moved to a beach resort that was prepped for a party tonight. I’m guessing the island’s name was Koh Kaip or something. Didn’t stay there for too long, but still we both got really badly sunburned.. aww, how I really hate sunburns. Now my right arm is fckd, and my back entirely scorched.

But I guess we’re still heading back to that beach for that party tonight :). That’ll be the last one this time in Cambodia.