M.Sc, MA


California, Gringolandia, again


A week spent in the U.S has been very relaxing. Weekend started in San Francisco from where we did excursions around the area with Mikko’s BMW. On Sunday we arrived to the Silicon Valley and I’ve been hanging out here while Mikko goes to work. Every day a bit of swimming in the community pool, some work on projects and school presentations, etc.. Very, very relaxing.. could do this for weeks.

SF is a great city. I could envision myself living there. Not so much here in Silicon Valley. Services are great but there’s no culture, no town center, no plaza, not that many bars, i.e. not much life. You need a car for everything. There’s a train that connects some parts, but it’s mostly a ghost train as nobody is using it.

Tomorrow we’ll head out to Napa/Sonoma valley to taste a bit of wine. On Sunday I’ll have to return to the developing world. Last month of lectures before the big trip..

Hmm.. kinda feel like grabbing a beer now after lunch.. why not.