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graphics coding méxico

Did my first Openframeworks sketch to show something during a 20min speech in Spanish that I gave about Medialab and TaiK in general. Took me around one day to make it and it was fun. Performance is much better than with processing (have done a similar thing w/ it too) and coding in C++ isn’t such a big pain.

I’ve also started working more and more on WELP - the Wellbeing Profile service that is based on the Koulun hyvinvointiprofiili -concept we built years ago. We’re currently looking for funding, but the current lack of it won’t stop the development process..

Regarding México, I’ve taken salsa clases (just came back from one), continued other studies (art, history, politics and literature of Mexico ,and fotography). Today I’m off to a rock concert and next week is the ‘puente’ (=bridge=free days from school) due to the Méxican día de la independencia. We’re going to Oaxaca. Can’t wait!