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Kassi is improving slowly

My sister wanted a blog and me being what I am, didn't even consider using a something solid and ready like wordpress, but instead used the opportunity as an excuse to build a new improved blog system.

Codenamed "Kassi", the new blog system combines some new things I've wanted to have in KISSblog. First of, it's tag-based so classifying posts is a lot more flexible. Secondly it's based on the idea of *pieces*. All posts are a collection of pieces and those pieces might be text, markup, images, videos, etc.

Backend code is written in PHP5 and database connections are made via Adodb so the system should support a wide range of different databases.

The whole system still relies on the same principle as KISSblog, where you need to build your own display code in PHP to get the posts visible on your page. I see homepages as something very personally styled and don't see an idea in creating a default blog page at this point.

There is an integrated AJAX-powered and scriptaculous animated frontend for posting however, so using the system just involves putting the libs in place and placing a foreach-print somewhere on your own page.

I'll create a release of some sort once I've imported my own blog to the new system. Still considering releasing the software under the name Kassit instead of ''Kassi'', which would be a bit more fun for those who understand Finnish :)