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Towards the Perfect (Linux) Setup

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Piece by piece I’ve been improving my home setup consisting of a laptop(mac), desktop(linux) and small server(fit-pc w/ linux). I’m fairly happy with what I’ve got now. Not only does the small server run ‘'’trac/svn/lighttpd+php’’’ for development, it also serves as a backup server through a few ‘'’rsync’’’ scripts running over ssh and a torrent downloader via ‘'’rtorrent’’’.

Once the linux wlan drivers support master mode, I can also use the box as a WLAN access point, getting rid of one more appliance.

One very pleasant thing I just accomplished was setting Pulseaudio to run as a server. Now I can either play music via MPD or stream it directly from my desktop (and it’s dead simple - I just pick the output sink with a few clicks). Reminds me of the streaming support in apple airport stations, which I always thought was cool. Of course Pulseaudio does this and a lot, lot more.

Now I’m just waiting for the Android phones to hit Finland.. then my - by then self-aware - home audio system will be complete (except for obvious bits, like good speakers and a decent amplifier)..