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Background Shuffler

coding linux release

The need to code “something completely different” made me do Background Shuffler - a beautiful background changer for Gnome. I wanted to extend the UNIX philosophy to desktop applications so Background Shuffler only changes your background. It does not make coffee.

So I spent a few days hacking and with the help of great tools and libraries like Quickly and appindicator I managed to build this nifty little program that I’m using all the time now.


  • handle all through the indicator icon. No mysterious script running in the background, retain complete control over your desktop at all times
  • make the backgrounds change as quickly or slowly as you like
  • integrates with F-Spot, so search for certain tags or ratings
  • optionally specify a folder that will be searched with photos

But I guess screenshots explain a thousand words.

You’ll probably be best running Ubuntu Lucid (10.04). To install the app just download the deb or add the ppa to your sources at:

Bugs, suggestions and patches welcome! Email at lauri(dot)kainulainen(at)