M.Sc, MA


I got a WII!! And the new website is up!!

Me and Hannu decided to become guerrillas and went lining up for a Nintendo Wii on when it was published here on 8.12.

All the Wiis have been sold out so far so we wanted to be sure about getting one... so we woke up at 5am and went in front of Gigantti. Gigantti opened up at 10am so we had about four hours of waiting to do.. Hannu took a bunch of photos, we played footbag, stood in line.

Around 7:30 we noticed that people started to line up in front of the Prisma store next to Gigantti. I heard that there might be some Wiis there as well and because it opens already at 8am I went to line there around 7:40. And at 8:00 I was the first one in the line who DIDN'T get a Wii :(. Frustrated I went back to the Gigantti line which Hannu was holding up.

We waited there.. there were only a few of us. Me, Hannu and my professor (can't reveal his name because he was lining to get one for his kids as a Christmas present). Other people showed up around 9:00am. All in all there were around 18 people lining for a Wii before the store opened at 10am.

[rant] Bloody Gigantti overcharged 20e (289e instead of the basic 269e) and they didn't even have them in stock, had to come back later that day to collect mine. Lowered my opinion of Gigantti (can't get much lower..). [/rant]

Overall I have to say the lining-culture in Tampere sucked :). We were the only hardcore guys (some would say "stupid") lining there from 6am. I heard in London some people lined from Tuesday..

But I got my Wii and it kicks ass and makes your hands hurt