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Independence Day

I went to see the Unknown Soldier this week. For those who don't know the piece, it's a Finnish national epoch describing the events during the Continuation War (the war that comes after Winter War during WWII).

The play has generated a lot of controversy. It features - for example - shooting down alive and dead Finnish politics, artists and national icons, such as Ransu. Some people get offended by this and other parts of the play. Just as people got offended decades ago with the original book by Väinö Linna, which depicted the Finnish soldiers in a less "romantic light", i.e. they we're drinking, fleeing from the enemy and all in all being more human than the super-human finnish soldiers in earlier works of art.

I have to say that the play was fantastic. It's a wake-up call for the slumbering Finnish spirit that is fighting for survival in the midst of globalization and commercialization. And I heartly recommend it to all. Especially those that presume that the play is something horrible :)