M.Sc, MA


It's the Mac way or the Highway

A few weeks back I was employed by the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. So far it seems like a very nice place to work in - relaxed atmosphere, lot's of interesting and nice people, etc..

I even got a Mac 15'' Powerbook as my work machine. At first I was a bit disappointed, because I had to use Mac. Then I found out the very cool features like the omni-present-hibernate (you can leave the computer "on" all the time) and I was pleased for some time.

Then I became disappointed again :). Mostly it's because with Macs it's the Mac way of doing things. I so much prefer the Linux way of DIY, although that is mostly more harder to novice users. And I miss the multiple workspaces and compiz and ... (i know Macs have 3rd party workspace apps, but I've heard they are awful)

Perhaps I'll start using my own age-old-laptop in work next week. Playing with macs was fun and way better than working with Windows, but I'm not converted from Linux :)